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Radhe Krishna! By the grace of Sri Sri Anna and Sri Radha Krishna completed the Full transcription today
on Gokulashtami day - 1st September 2010.

Krishna Guruvayurappa Page 4

After beholding such an exquisite form of the bhagawan, the Yogis further continue to experience the Sanka-Chakra-Gadadhara, Neela-Megha-Shyamala, Peetham-Bharadhara, Srivatsangha, Vakshashthala, Kaustubha Mukthakanta forms of Guruvayurappan - "angheshu prathi angham su-madhuraM", Yogis are having the satsakshathkaram. mukti-bhAjAM nivAso are they who have obtained moksham, just like a mosquito falls on the honey, they fall into your grace and dont get up after that. bhakthars are savouring the bliss - bhaktAnAm kAma-varSha-dyu-taru-kisalayaM nAtha te pAda-mUlaM - whatever bhakthas ask, you give them - kamavarshi dyutaru-kishalayam. Kamyartha bhakthi, aartha bhakthi, prema bhakthi, of all these whomsover wishes these there likewise granted (tarana kisalayaM). Just like being drenched in the kalpakavriksham (wish fulfilling divine tree), in your thirumeni the taranam is situated and in that like the kinjalkam, the fingers. These are called kunju padham (kolundhu padam) in tamil. Such a kisalayaM, they say. Like Kalpakavriksha, your taru-kisalayaM, hey Natha pAda-mUlaM, for those bhakhars who are in them, they get whatever they can get from the Kalpakavriksha will all bear fruit. Whomsoever prays to the Sri Krishna Guruvayurappan charana kamalam and whatever they wish for all will bear fruit. None of the bad things will bear fruit, only the good things will. Such a bhagavan's pAda-mUlaM - dyu-taru-kisalayaM nAtha te pAda-mUlaM.

We dont know our hitaM, whats hitAm for us is known only to HIM. A Child will ask for something he doesnt need, likewise for us if some of our prayers are not bearing fruit, krishnan charanam is not 'dyu-taru-kisalayaM' is told in vain is not what we should think. If someone demands obstinately, it should not be given which the bhagawan Sri Krishnan knows already. Without being asked, it should be given is also what the bhagawan Sri Krishnan knows. Why, if a child has stomach pain and without knowing it has stomach pain, if that child obstinately asks for jackfruit. With Stomach pain can the child have jackfruit. The hitaM will be known only to the mother. Just because the child demands will the mother give whatever the child asks.

For Hiranyakashipu and Ravana, the devas granted them boons for their tapas. For our Krishna '...Naham Vadeir na tapasa...' I wont be satisfied just by your tapas alone, but by satsangha..satsangha kripalo...svayaM chared.h bAla hitaM pitA yathA...Just how the father will see each and everything for his child and do, likewise our Sri Krishna says HE will do what is needed for his devotees. Thats why, we should not demand for what is not required. We should tell the Bhagawan like this, 'KRISHNA! WHATEVER IS YOUR HITAM FOR ME PLEASE DO IT!.I DONT HAVE ANY SANKALPAM FOR MYSELF! WHAT IS A-HITAM FOR ME, YOU YOURSELF REMOVE IT, WHATEVER IS HITAM ONLY PLEASE GIVE ME!'. We should not be demanding like Chitrakethu. For Chithrakethu, Sage Angirasu and Sage Narada came to give bhakthi and give jnanopadesam but then Chitrakethu only asked for a Son...Sukha Dukha prada putrahA...they said. With this son, you will beget both distress and happiness. He experienced both happiness and sorrow and then finally getting dispassion, only then he got the jnanopadesam. Sage Angarisar then said, 'I came earlier mainly to give you jnanopadesam, but you asked for an a-nithyamana vasthu, thats why an anithyamana vastu which has been proved now. So now you need to ask only for a nithyamana vastu thats eternal and have that. In the same way Poonthanam had an experience, Poonthanam had a child and he was very fond of that child, it was time for the birthday, the Apthapoorthi to be done for the child. All relatives had come for the function. Since the child was a very fond child of his, he had put jewels around the neck and anklets on the legs and just as a krishna bhakthan loves his child he loved him. He was so happy in the company of the child. Since many relatives had come, the childs mother took bath early and started to busily prepare for the function, put the child on the cradle went off to receive the people and perform the karya kramams. It was night time, after bathing all of them left the wet clothes on the cradle itself. When the mother then came around to give milk to the child she saw a pile of wet clothes atop the poor child. The child was frozen with all the wet clothes piled upon him. So for which function these people had come to celebrate now turned into an opposite utsavam unfortunately. Outside our Poonthanam is having bhagavatham in his hand and sitting. The mother came to Poonthanam and told him our child is no longer alive. As soon as this was said to him, he immediately remarked, 'My child is not gone, he wont go at all. Where is he? She shows him the child. He then says, the child is in Guruvayur. He comes running to Guruvayur and says, Krishna! Guruvayurappa! Apart from you, I instigated my desire on something else and I have seen the results. No other desire Man should have! only on Krishna charanam must the desire be. You proved that but if you dont come and sit on my lap can I have satisfaction? Krishna! Guruvayurappa! he cried. Immediately he heard the sound of anklets ringing, kutti krishnan came from there running and sitting on the lap of poonthanam and folding his hands upon the neck of poonthanam and called out to his father. There is nothing equal to that isnt it. Out of the 6 sons that were thrashed upon the stone and killed, the great peace Devaki got was the calling out of Sri Krishna to her. Seeing Krishna only was she satisfied...jatasya hi dhruvo mrtyur...this is always non permanent but the peace was. Any unhappiness can come or not come or wont go, the peace will be obtained only when one obtains Sri krishna charanam, this is what this charithram really shows us and we should not think that bhagwan has not removed our sorrows, for so many has desires and sorrows the bhagawan given or removed. Mahatma, for all those bhakthars whatever their wishes and desires has Sri Krishnan granted in plenty such is our Krishnan...bhaktAnAm kAmavarsha dyutaru kisalayam nAtha te pAda mUlam Nithyam Chittasthitamme pavanapurapadhe Krishna Karunya Sindho Hrthva nisesha taapan prathisathu paramananda Sandoha Lakshmimmm.yogIndrANAM tvad-angeSh-vadhika-su-madhuraM...

For bhakthars, Sri Krishna charanam is the lakshyam. For others whatever they ask, its blessed by Sri Krishna. Out of Poonthanam Kripa alone, bhagavan kataksham was obtained by all bhakthars around him.

In this same Guruvayur, a bhakthai named Manjula was there. Just as we say Sri Andal in Srirangam, Janabhai in Pandaripuram, Meerabai in Brindavanam, Chakkubai, similarly there was Manjula, a girl who had parama krishna bhakthi. She was like Kothai, Andal. She had such much devotion towards Sri krishna and was daily performing Pushpa kainkaryam. Daily plucking flowers making a garland for the Lord and samarpanam was her duty. Only after performing her daily duties at home and obtaining their permission she could come to the temple. Because she got delayed and she wanted to give the garland samarpanam in time before the temple closes, she thought that she will make haste to the temple. Thinking thus she ran towards the temple. But in the meantime the temple had closed and Sri Krishna was put to sleep. So the garland was not given to the Bhagawan on this day. Holding the garland in her hand and crying, 'this one day missed its fine' was not the type of girl she was. 'With so much love and affection today I tied the garland, krishna, why then did you not accept it! You did not accept this garland'. Holding this in her hand, tears flowing down her eyes she is standing there, Poonthanam then came there and saw the child and said, why child you are crying? She said, 'I tied this garland with lots of love, dear grandpa but krishnan did not wear it'. Poonthanam then said, Sri Krishnan is everywhere, here there and everywhere, so showing a 'Banyan Tree', Poonthanam told the child to put it on the tree. Then surprised as she was the day before the garland which was on the tree was present on the neck of Sri Guruvayurappan the very next morning as soon as the temple doors were opened. Bhagavan porrapadu at this instance is happening in Guruvayur temple...Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana,Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana, Narayana...

bhaktAnAm kAma-varSha-dyu-taru-kisalayaM nAtha te pAda-mUlaM

For Bhakthats who desire phalams, he who showers them all is our Sri Krishnan. An old granny Kururamma from a neighbouring village would often come to have the darshan of Sri Krishnan everyday. As soon as the darshan is over, can she just think to have it quickly and go back. She waits and waits and keeps looking at krishnan, how beautiful you are today. She doesnt feel like leaving this place, keeps standing there posphoning her going back and much time has passed and it became darker and it being forest area, rain also had started to shower now. She lost her way now. She prayed to Krishna and said,'How will I go home now as I have lost my way, cant see the path and now rain has started to shower heavily when suddenly a small kid appeared. He asked, Grandma, where are you going? You have to go that way. You are on the wrong path. So holding the grandmothers hand, this way and that he brings her to her hut and leaves her there. The grandmother asks, child, what shall I give you? So he said as I came in this rain, my loin-cloth has become drenched with the rain, give me a piece of the cloth, I will tie that and go back home soon. The grandmother was wearing a red saree, so she tore a piece of that saree and gave it to the child who tied it around his waist and ran away. Oh such a good child, she thought and forgot the matter. Next day morning when the suprabhatham was done for Sri Krishna, there was this darshan with Sri Krishna having the red cloth around his waist.

The archakas were all surprised to see this and did not know from where did Sri krishna tie this around his waist. There was a huge crowd to see the darshan and incidentally the granny had come to see Sri krishna again and will anyone beleive. Tears came into her eyes and thats why our Sri Krishnan gives a darshan with red lion cloth to all of us

bhaktAnAm kAma-varSha-dyu-taru-kisalayaM nAtha te pAda-mUlaM

Even today are several experiences for bhakthars. Those who come with hope to see bhagawan and how they are blessed. There was one child who could not walk and she had paralysed leg. The father of the child tried several type of cure but in vain but the child could never walk. Father being in distress thinking that he can try some ayurveda or siddha vaidyam came to Guruvayur where a famous doctor lived. It seems that he needed to stay in Guruvayur itself for a month and get the treatment so he carried the child and came over to Guruvayur. Looking for a common place he left his child sitting on the porch he went in search for a place to stay. As he did not know if the doctor was available or not and as also he could not search carrying the child to every place, he instructed his child not to cry and be settled here for some time until he returns back. He then went away. As time passed the father has not yet come back. The child started crying for his father. Suddently a small boy came running and called out to this boy and said come to play with me. The child said how can I play as I cannot work. The little boy said, just come, come and play with me. no I cannot protested the child. Insisting again the little boy said, you just come down, holding the little childs hands he pulls him down and then we see a miracle, the child is standing. Then both are playing in front of the porch. The Father after meeting with the doctor and getting the details of the treatment and finding a place of stay comes back and sees his child playing with a little boy. Hey what is this, then the little boy says, 'I was crying and then this little boy called out to me'. Who called, asks the father. That boy who wanted to play with me, where is he? There, there he is running that little boy, exclaims the child. There is a small black little boy running around the corner. following him to find out who is he into the temple, suddenly the father finds the child has disappeared inside the temple.

bhaktAnAm kAma-varSha-dyu-taru-kisalayaM nAtha te pAda-mUlaM

Once anyone comes here, they should not have any worries. Once come and had darshan of Sri Krishnan, all the tapams will be removed such a pratyaksha bhagawan is here. Those who believe it even today its nidarshanam (a good sight). Child for a child is Sri krishnan as is said commonly.

Lots of children when is let out will run and rush into the temple and make lots of mischief and play. They will play a lot. Should not the temple be peaceful. Many many children as soon as the school is let out, all making lots of noise. The temple officer screamed at the children and said, all the children run away from here, no noise and ordered them out. All the children ran away. Only one child having a lion-cloth on his waist was standing there with blinking eyes. You also go as the officer looked at him and said Go, that child also ran away. The officer then went away. After completing the bhagawan arAdhana, the priest went to their quarters for taking rest. In their dreams, bhagawan krishna comes and says I am hungry. They say, what krishna just now I have done all kainkaryam and put the food to you and came, but Sri Krishnan says, no I ran away. Why they ask, the temple officer drove away all children and said no child should be here, I am also a child isnt it. When he said not one child should e here, amongst the children I also ran away. Then they question the officer and ask, why you drove away all the children, even our Guruvayurappan has also gone. Please go to the school and ask them to declare leave and get all the children here. That was the only way to get Krishnan back. In the hope that among the children he may also come back. The officer then goes to the school and bring all the children back into the temple so that krishnan will come back alongwith the children. So whenever there is leave from the school you all children come to the temple. Since then all the children come here. Sri Krishnan doesnt like to be a God but rather to be treated like a child. Such a bhakthAbhimAni is shown by this leelai.

bhaktAnAm kAma-varSha-dyu-taru-kisalayaM nAtha te pAda-mUlaM
For bhagavan performing kainkaryam always and often performing bhAgavatha pravachanam was the devoted habit for a bhagavatha. Whatever sambAvanam was got from the bhAgavatha pravachanam would straightaway be deposited in the hundi of the temple by this bhagavathar. Wherever he got some bhAgavath prasadam he would take that and sleep on a raised platform within the temple itself. He would not keep any money for himself in the bank. Often he would got to the bhAgavatha pravachanam and whatever sambAvanam would be krishArpanam into the hundial. This is how it would be daily. Whenever he needed some money he would take it from the hundial. If we see accounts, we find that the amount put in would run into lakhs and the amount he would take would be just 10 rupees. Seeing the bhAgavathar take the money once, the temple authorities inquired about this and ask, why are you stealing money from the hundi. The bhAgavathar says,'I dont have any separate account for myself, whatever I earn I put that in the hundi and whatever I need for my expenses I take it from there as well'. But the authorities argued that there was only the right to put into the hundi and no right to take it from there. So they snatched the money from the bhAgavathar and put the money back into the hundi. In the Night, bhagavan appeared in the dream of the authorities and told them that bhAgavan and the namboodri shared the same money purse. Even in a home, the husband and wife will have different money purses. An argument will ensue why money has been taken from either of the purses and this itself being the main reason a big fight will follow. But a true sakha how he will be according to Valmiki Ramayanam - Deha thyAgaha, Griha thyAgaha...what is that friendship between Ramar and Sugreevar, when there is no vibhAgam then only its sneham. The bhagavan mentioned that with 'aVibhgAma' they were using the money between them, such was the belief and the friendship - in this koil we dont have separate money purses when I want I will take and when the bhAgavathar wants he will take, when I put money in it he will put and when I take he will take - such is ours - 'sadhavo hridayam mahyam sadhunam hridayam tv aham' - when we both are so understanding, why do you come in between us and create enemity. After this the authorities came to the namboodri and said, its your wish, please take from the hundi. This way the bhagavan pratyakshamAgha is speaking not only in those days but even now. In the hearts of the bhakthars, bhagavan is even now talking this way and with the pratakshamagha deivam here in Guruvayur these are all bhakthars anubhavams.

yogIndrANAM tvad-angeSh-vadhika-su-madhuraM mukti-bhAjAM nivAso
bhaktAnAm kAma-varSha-dyu-taru-kisalayaM nAtha te pAda-mUlaM
nityaM citta-sthitaM me pavana-pura-pate kR^iShNa-kAruNya-sindho
hR^itvA nissheSha-tApAn pradishatu paramAnanda-sandoha-lakshmIM

Krishna darshanam itself will remove all our sorrows completely, paramAnanda happiness will beget everyone. Saying so bhattadri completes the Narayaneeyam...called as bhooloka vaikuntam, in this kshetram the bhagavan is here...what is the greatest Anandam is the bhakthars that crowd the temple.

In todays mela many people come from various places are assembled here and seeing them conduct namasankeerthanam. Sri Krishnan here is suprasannam, we dont say that bhagavan sanithyam is due to our bhajans, but only by his grace and pull we have come here to perform the bhajan itself. Such a bhagyam lets all get always from the bhagavan.

Gopika Jeevana Smaranam. Govinda! Govinda!

By the grace of Sri Sri Anna and Sri Radha Krishna completed the Full transcription today on Gokulashtami day - 1st September 2010


Listening to Anna Bhagavatham CD06

In Bhagavatham Sri Sri Anna says, 'About King Parikshit Maharaj and the coming of KALI. When you hear about Krishna premi anna telling about the feeling of Lord Krishna leaving the pandavas (Vanjitoham Maharaja - Lord Krishna has left this bhoomi), you will definitely cry. When Arjuna comes to meet Yudhisthira he has lost all his strength and he is so down and when he says, Krishna is no more with us. All Strength and the parakramas was all his and now I have lost it, I thought it was all my doing but now I realise that this is all his valour and nothing was mine. This feeling of despondency felt by Arjuna touched my heart very much as the feeling that Lord is no longer with us is a very very sad thing, the feeling of a great loss. This bhakthi told by Sri Sri Anna touched me so much. Also when Krishna premi anna tells about Vidura (parama Bhagavatha Purushar), Vidura it seems went to theertha yatra (he is so great, he has not done any pavams in his life at all but still he is going). Vidura also tells Dhrithirastra (Dhristhirastra doesn't go to satsang even in old age and he is always materialistic now enjoying the service done by bhima who brings him nice food and takes care of him in his old age (even his own son would not do that), Vidura says which brought tears to my eyes - 'Yaru yaraiyum kapathale anna, kapathindirukirathu Avane tHan, Hari'. He says 'Atma Bandhu is Lord Hari'. He is the one who is saving all of us. Every minute. Nobody can save anybody. Nobody does for anybody. Only HIM. During my times of difficulty, I shared this wonderful discourse relating to the bhakthi being expounded with so much bhava that only Sri Sri Anna can bring about in oneself. Again although Dhristhirastra did many pavams, just by listening to bhagavatham and by listening to vidura to attend satsangham, he got transformed in a kshanam and it is said he attained Mukthi exactly the same what Bhishma could attain only through Yoga and he attained salvation in the end in a kshnama equivalent to Bhishma. Such is the power of satsangham. Also Sri Anna describes about how king Parikshit with all his greatness was still not able to defeat Kali. Now he says in Kali even just thinking about listening to bhagavatham itself is 'param puniyam', even if we walk on the street where the bhagavatham is being told its 'param puniyam'. What can I simply say, only listen to the Entire CD09 which is so divine MANY MANY times....and how lucky I and my family have been blessed with this hearing ability atleast...........Anand

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