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Radhe Krishna! By the grace of Sri Sri Anna and Sri Radha Krishna completed the Full transcription today
on Gokulashtami day - 1st September 2010.


V V Subramanian said...

A brilliant presentation.Helps to recall actual visit to Guruvayur,in fact relive those heavenly moments.Some brief write up on each strip will enhance its value and appreciability manifold.Congratulations on this work of love and devotion.Look forward to more such.
Guruvayurappa saranam

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Gopika Jeevana Smaranam. Govinda! Govinda!

By the grace of Sri Sri Anna and Sri Radha Krishna completed the Full transcription today on Gokulashtami day - 1st September 2010


Listening to Anna Bhagavatham CD06

In Bhagavatham Sri Sri Anna says, 'About King Parikshit Maharaj and the coming of KALI. When you hear about Krishna premi anna telling about the feeling of Lord Krishna leaving the pandavas (Vanjitoham Maharaja - Lord Krishna has left this bhoomi), you will definitely cry. When Arjuna comes to meet Yudhisthira he has lost all his strength and he is so down and when he says, Krishna is no more with us. All Strength and the parakramas was all his and now I have lost it, I thought it was all my doing but now I realise that this is all his valour and nothing was mine. This feeling of despondency felt by Arjuna touched my heart very much as the feeling that Lord is no longer with us is a very very sad thing, the feeling of a great loss. This bhakthi told by Sri Sri Anna touched me so much. Also when Krishna premi anna tells about Vidura (parama Bhagavatha Purushar), Vidura it seems went to theertha yatra (he is so great, he has not done any pavams in his life at all but still he is going). Vidura also tells Dhrithirastra (Dhristhirastra doesn't go to satsang even in old age and he is always materialistic now enjoying the service done by bhima who brings him nice food and takes care of him in his old age (even his own son would not do that), Vidura says which brought tears to my eyes - 'Yaru yaraiyum kapathale anna, kapathindirukirathu Avane tHan, Hari'. He says 'Atma Bandhu is Lord Hari'. He is the one who is saving all of us. Every minute. Nobody can save anybody. Nobody does for anybody. Only HIM. During my times of difficulty, I shared this wonderful discourse relating to the bhakthi being expounded with so much bhava that only Sri Sri Anna can bring about in oneself. Again although Dhristhirastra did many pavams, just by listening to bhagavatham and by listening to vidura to attend satsangham, he got transformed in a kshanam and it is said he attained Mukthi exactly the same what Bhishma could attain only through Yoga and he attained salvation in the end in a kshnama equivalent to Bhishma. Such is the power of satsangham. Also Sri Anna describes about how king Parikshit with all his greatness was still not able to defeat Kali. Now he says in Kali even just thinking about listening to bhagavatham itself is 'param puniyam', even if we walk on the street where the bhagavatham is being told its 'param puniyam'. What can I simply say, only listen to the Entire CD09 which is so divine MANY MANY times....and how lucky I and my family have been blessed with this hearing ability atleast...........Anand

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Radhe Krishna!

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